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Please read these terms carefully, and print and keep a copy of them for your reference.

About Us


This website is owned and operated by Tamworth Camping Ltd, Unit 4, Block 5.2 Lancaster Park, Newborough Rd, Needwood, Burton on Trent, DE13 9PD


Company registered office address: Unit 4, Block 5.2 Lancaster Park, Newborough Rd, Needwood, Burton on Trent, DE13 9PD

Company registration number: 4710047
Registered in: United Kingdom

If you need to contact us, please use our online form 

VAT number: 811 9423 44

Making Contact With Us

When you place an order with us, you are making an offer to buy goods. We will send you an e-mail to confirm that we have received your order. Once we have checked the price and availability of the goods, we will e-mail you again to confirm that we accept your order, and that a contract has been made between us We will not take payment from you until we have accepted your order. In the unlikely event that the goods are no longer available, or that we have made a pricing mistake, we will advise you of this. You will not receive an e-mail confirming acceptance of your order, and there will be no contract between us.

If the goods are not available, we may supply you with substitute goods. If you decide not to accept the substitute goods, you will not have to pay to return them to us.

How to place order:

  1. Select the item(s) that you require from our website by clicking the 'Add to Basket' link shown for the item.
  2. Items that you have selected can be reviewed at any time via the 'View Basket' link.
  3. When you have completed your selections click on the 'Checkout' link to complete your order. You will be asked to provide delivery and payment information via secure web pages. Please review your order carefully before submission to avoid problems.
  4. If you make a mistake during ordering please contact us as soon as possible.


 In cooperation with Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden, we offer you the following payment options. Payment is to be made to Klarna:

  • Pay in 3

Further information and Klarna’s user terms you can find here. General information on Klarna can be found here. Your personal data is handled in accordance with applicable data protection law and in accordance with the information in Klarnas privacy statement.


Tamworth Camping Terms & Conditions of Business

Last updated JANUARY 2023

This policy covers all goods purchased from Tamworth Camping Limited from 1 January 2023 onwards. Nothing in this policy affects your statutory rights. Relevant legislation includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Consumer Rights Act 2015.
  • Consumer Contracts Regulations 2015.
  • s75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974
  • Consumer Protection Act 1987
  • Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008
  • Misrepresentation Act 1967
  • Equality Act 2010
  • Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR)


Your core rights when buying from us

  • Your goods should be fit for purpose, as described and of satisfactory quality.
  • You should receive your goods on time. You shouldn't receive your goods any later than the delivery date given at the time of sale. If you weren't given a delivery date, then you should receive the goods no later than 30 days after you bought them.
  • If you bought at a distance (eg online) or off-the premises you can cancel your order for any reason within a certain period of time. Orders placed on-the-premises (eg in store, a trade show) aren’t eligible. It is also subject to further terms & conditions set out within.

Getting in contact

  • If you wish to exercise any of the rights related to your order, please contact us in writing. You can find our contact details on our website.
  • You may need to provide proof of purchase so that we can find your order. This could be a receipt or a bank statement showing the payment. If you cannot provide proof of purchase, we may not be able to assist.
  • Our customer service team is available every working day from 9am to 5pm.

Ordering from us

Placing an order

  • You can place an order with us via any one of our sales channels. 
    • Our websites: www.tamworthcamping.co.uk, www.trekfood.co.uk 
    • Third party online marketplaces such as: Amazon, eBay, OnBuy, The Range, Wayfair, Mountain Warehouse, B&Q
    • In person at our shop. Unit 4, Lancaster Court, Lancaster Park, Burton on Trent DE13 9PD. Open 9-5 weekdays excluding Bank Holidays in England.
    • In person at our exhibition stands at the NCC Caravan Shows held at the NEC in Birmingham.
  • We reserve the right to add or remove sales channels from time to time and for any reason.

Payment Methods

  • We only accept British Pound Sterling (GBP) as currency. 
  • For orders placed on online marketplaces you must pay via the marketplace and in line with their terms. We can’t accept payment directly from you. 
  • For all other orders acceptable payment methods include:
    • Any valid Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card. Payment can be made person via contactless, chip/pin or online.
    • Secure payment link or electronic invoice (such as PayPal)
    • Cash for orders placed in person only.
  • For the avoidance of doubt:
    • We don’t take payments over the phone or cash sent through the post as they are not a secure means of payment. We can email a secure payment link or electronic invoice instead.
    • We reserve the right to refuse any banknote, coin, payment card that we suspect is fraudulent or is being used in a fraudulent manner.
    • In some circumstances we may not be able to accept non-Bank of England tender. For example: Scottish, NI coins/notes.
    • We reserve the right to change what payment methods we accept at any time and for any reason.
  • We normally require payment upfront and in full before acknowledging an order. On some occasions however we may accept a deposit. This is at our discretion. Normally this facility is only available for large orders placed in person where there is a long wait for delivery. The goods will not be sent until the full balance is paid.

Order confirmation and pricing

  • We may change advertised pricing or our range of products at any time and for any reason. 
  • Prices for the same item may vary between different sales channels. This in part reflects the fact that costs vary between different sales channels. On some sales channels prices are subject to regular change. Some pricing is controlled by automated software with limited human input. Such pricing may change very frequently, in some cases every few minutes.
  • In line with UK law, prices displayed in store or online don't represent a legally binding offer – only an invitation to make an offer for the goods.
  • An order is confirmed only when you receive all the goods you have ordered.
  • We reserve the right to cancel an unconfirmed order at any time and for any reason. We are not liable for any loss that may result from the cancellation of an order.


  • We welcome offers on any item that we are selling at auction. However, to be fair to all bidders we can’t accept offers whilst the auction is ongoing. You are welcome to send us an offer when the auction ends if the item doesn’t sell. If an item isn’t sold, we will normally restart the auction a few days later.

Spare parts

  • We sell a range of spare air poles for Kampa and Dometic awnings. 
  • Spare parts are compatible only with the awnings stated. They aren’t compatible with any other product.
  • To select the right part
    • Please refer to our helpful guide. If you follow the steps in the guide you will be able to find the right part easily.
    • Unfortunately, our team are not able tell you which part will work with your awning or sell parts over the phone. It is very difficult to ascertain which part is required without having the awning in front of you. This is because there is lots of very similar parts and awnings in circulation which are not compatible with one another. 
  • If the part you need is not in stock please contact Dometic or Kampa directly. They may have it in stock. We can’t advice when we will get more parts.

Back order

  • Generally, it’s our policy only to sell items that we have in stock. However, in some cases we may agree to accept an order for an item we don’t have. Such items will be placed on "back order". This means we'll order the item from our supplier and send it to you once we receive it. We’ll let you know if your item is on “back order”. This normally only happens for expensive tents and awnings purchased at the NEC Caravan Shows.
  • Please note that delivery estimates for “back orders” are subject to change. Sometimes items may not currently be in stock with the supplier and may be outside of the country. This means they can be delayed due to customs checks, shipping delays or other factors. If we're informed of a change to the delivery estimate, we'll do our best to notify you.


Areas covered by our delivery service

  • We ship to all parts of the United Kingdom as well as the Crown Dependencies (Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man). We do not ship internationally, to British Overseas Territories or to postcodes starting BF (British Forces). 
  • Despite Brexit we continue to ship to Northern Ireland as normal for now.
  • Parcels sent to islands, Northern Ireland, and Scottish Highlands may arrive one or two days later than parcels sent elsewhere. They may also be subject to a higher delivery charge. Further information can be found on our website.

What to expect from our delivery service

  • If you place an order before 1pm on a working day, we’ll aim to dispatch the goods the same working day. This is provided the goods are in stock. This is a target not a guarantee or promise. So we’re not responsible for any losses that result if we don’t meet it.
  • We contract a range of courier companies to deliver your items to your door. As of Jan 2022, our standard courier services include Yodel, Royal Mail and DPD. Items over 30kg may be sent with InExpress (DHL) or Tuffnells.
  • We may change our courier services at any time and for any reason.
  • In most cases we can’t delay the dispatch of items. 
  • Normally we can’t advice which service will be used before an order is placed. We also can’t change which service is used to send the order. 
  • Once we've sent your order, we'll normally provide a tracking number. You can enter the tracking number into the courier's website to follow your parcel's progress.
  • Yodel orders are collected by a company called ParcelHub. ParcelHub take the parcels to their facility and then pass them onto Yodel. It can take up to 24hrs from dispatch Yodel to receive the parcel. Yodel won't show any tracking events for your parcel until it arrives with them. So don't worry if you can't see anything on Yodel's tracking straightaway. Your parcel is still with ParcelHub. Please allow up to 24hrs for tracking information to update.
  • Some Yodel services have additional features. For example, some Yodel parcels can be re-routed to a different address whilst in transit. Sometimes you can ask them to hold the parcel for you, deliver it to a neighbour or invite you to collect it from the depot. Additional features are only available for some Yodel parcels. For more information check the "Manage Your Parcel" tab on the Yodel tracking page.
  • Most Royal Mail orders will not display any tracking information until after delivery.
  • Please be aware that sometimes we ship larger orders in multiple parcels. Sometimes parcels from the same order can be delivered on different days even if they were sent on the same day.

Your delivery rights and responsibilities

  • You should receive your goods on time. If we gave you a delivery date this means you should receive your goods on or before that date. If we didn't give you a date this means should receive your goods within 30 days of purchase. 
  • It's your responsibility to make sure the address you provide is correct. Our system automatically sends the address you give us to the courier. There is no human involvement, and we don't check or modify addresses. Do not submit the address of the wrong property or provide an address that is in any way vague, unclear, or invalid. If you do, your goods may not be delivered. The courier may be unable to change the address and request you collect from their facility. In some cases, parcels with an invalid address may be lost. We are not responsible for any issues that stem from you providing an incorrect address.
  • It’s your responsibility to make sure that the courier can deliver the goods to you. Your property needs to be accessible. Sometimes couriers may deliver the item to a safe place if no one is in. However, some shipments require a signature. For these shipments, the courier will need to hand the goods over to someone. If the courier is unable to deliver they may return the parcel to the depot and require you to collect it from there. We're not responsible for any issues that result if a courier can't deliver to you.
  • If the courier isn't able to deliver to your address, they may ask you to collect your parcel from their depot. If you don't collect your parcel when asked, the parcel will return to us:
    • It may take several weeks to return. 
    • You'll may have to reimburse us the cost of this if you were to blame for the courier's inability to deliver. For example, if you supplied an incorrect or inaccessible address or weren't in at the time. 
    • Once the parcel returns, we will deal with the issue as an order cancellation request. Please see the "Cancelling your order" section below.

Disputed deliveries

  • In rare circumstances a delivery may be disputed. This is when the courier says they delivered but you say you didn't receive anything.
  • The most common explanation is that someone you know has the parcel but forgot to tell you. For example, sometimes neighbours or family members take parcels in for safekeeping. So, in the first instance we'll ask you to check with neighbours or members of your household.
  • Other explanations include:
    • Item may be hidden in a location around your property.
    • Delivered to wrong address.
    • Clerical error – parcel marked as delivered but is in fact still in transit to you.
    • Item left in an unsafe location and lost or stolen.
    • Theft by delivery driver.
  • If no one you know has the parcel, we'll contact the courier to ask for further evidence. This may include:
    • Written confirmation that the item has or hasn't been delivered.
    • Delivery scan GPS. This shows the location recorded by the delivery drivers handset when they scanned the parcel. It's accurate to within 5-15 metres.
    • Delivery photo (if taken).
    • Interview of the driver.
    • Signature of receipient. Following the COVID-19 Pandemic couriers do not routinely take signatures. Instead photos are used as Proof of Delivery.
  • We will then determine if the item has been delivered correctly. If your item wasn't delivered or was left in an unsafe location and is now lost, we will deal with matter in line with your rights.

Order Cancellation

Cancelling if your item isn’t delivered on time

  • If your goods aren't delivered on time, you may cancel your order provided you weren't to blame for the delay. For instance, you wouldn't be eligible to cancel if you supplied the wrong address or weren't in when the courier tried to deliver.
  • If you cancel your order because it wasn't delivered on time, we will provide a full refund. We will require you to return the goods first before we provide a refund unless:
    • The goods have not been dispatched.
    • The courier states the goods have been lost.
  • If your goods are lost in transit, then you can waive your right to cancel and instead request we send a replacement item. 
  • If you cancel an order and subsequently receive the goods you must notify us. As you have been refunded, the goods remain our property. If you receive goods after cancelling them, you must pay for them at the original agreed price or return them. We'll be happy to arrange the return in line with the "Returning Goods" section.
  • We always do our best to make sure you get your items on time. But there's always a risk that items sent through the post won't arrive on time. We're always happy to help when something goes wrong. But we aren't responsible for any consequential losses that result from late items.

General right to cancel

  • In some circumstances, you can cancel all or some of the items on your order. This means you can return your goods to us, and we'll refund you once we receive them. 
  • Your item is eligible for cancellation if all the following are true:
    • The item was not ordered "on the premises" - eg in our shop or at the NEC. You may only cancel distance contracts - eg orders placed online or by phone.
    • You notify us that you want to cancel the item within the cancellation period.
    • We receive the item no later than 7 days after the cancellation period ends.
    • The item is not perishable, personalised, or made to your specifications.
    • The item was not sold to you at a public auction.
  • The cancellation period is a period of time that begins when you place the order and applies to each item:
    • For items ordered on Amazon, onBuy, or eBay, 30 days from delivery of the item.
    • For items ordered on Mountainwarehouse, 60 days from delivery.
    • For items ordered elsewhere, 14 days from delivery.
  • You are responsible for arranging the return and bearing the cost of return postage.
  • You should not excessively handle goods you intend to return. Excessive handling is handling that exceeds what's required to establish the nature, functioning, or characteristics of the goods. In essence, you shouldn't handle the goods any more than you would do in a shop. If you return an item and it's not defective, we need to be able to sell it again. So, most of the time, this means items should be in their original condition and packaging. 
  • If your item is eligible for cancellation, we will refund you within a few days of receipt. We'll refund the price paid for the goods and for standard shipping less any permitted deductions. We won't refund anything extra paid for expedited or premium shipping services.
  • Permitted deductions include:
    • If you excessively handle goods and return them we may make a deduction to cover any devaluation. Such a deduction will not exceed 50% of the total refund for Amazon orders and 100% for all other orders.
    • If we provide a return shipping label, we may deduct the cost from your refund.
    • Any additional charges levied by the courier because of an act, error or omission on your part.
  • If you cancel an item before it's dispatched we will try to prevent dispatch. Unfortunately, as our warehouse is fast-paced we can't guarantee this will be possible. We're not responsible for any loss or inconvenience if we send an order you wish to cancel.
  • If you wish to cancel an order that's currently in transit to you please wait for it to arrive. Once it does you can return the goods to us. Unfortunately, we can't tell couriers to cancel delivery and return parcels to us. If we do, they will charge us significant penalty fees. It also takes a long time for such items to return.
  • If a courier tries to deliver an order that you’ve decided to cancel, please accept the delivery regardless. Do not reject the delivery. Accept the delivery and send the items back to us. If you reject the parcel, it may take a long time to return to us and we may be fined by the courier

Defective goods

General policy

  • Sometimes we may need you to send back goods before we can decide if they're defective or not. We may inspect the goods ourselves or refer them to a suitably qualified third party. Please see the "Returning Products" section for more information.
  • If your goods aren’t fit for purpose, not as described or of a satisfactory quality then they’re defective. If you think your goods are defective, please let us know.
  • If you receive defective goods, you're entitled to have them repaired or replaced. It is up to us to decide which to perform. This is provided you report the defect within six years of receipt. 
  • In some circumstances, you can reject the defective goods instead of having them repaired or replaced. If you reject the goods you'll receive a refund. You can only reject the goods if one or more of the following applies:
    • You reported the defect within 30 days of receiving the goods.
    • We can't repair or replace the goods.
    • We tried to repair the goods but the repair didn't resolve the defect.
    • We replaced the goods but the replacement goods are also defective.
  • Before we issue a repair, replacement, or refund we may require you to return the defective goods to us. Please see the "Returning Products" section for more information.

Disputes over defective goods

  • We may send goods to the manufacturer for inspection if:
    • It’s not clear whether the items are defective
    • We believe a second opinion is required. 
  • If less than six months have passed since delivery, then the burden is on us to prove the goods weren’t defective when delivered.
  • Otherwise the burden of proof is on you to prove the items were defective when delivered.

Low value items 

  • For low value items we may suggest you destroy rather than return the goods. Please see the “Returning Items” section.

Tents and Awnings (“Canvas”)

  • All issues related to tents and awnings will be dealt with in line with our Canvas returns policy.

Returning goods

General policy applicable to all returns

  • If you're entitled to a refund, repair, or replacement you may need to return your goods before we can issue it.
  • In some circumstances, we may suggest you destroy rather than return goods. You aren't obliged to agree to this and can still return the goods if you prefer. If you agree you will need to send photographs of the goods destroyed before we issue an agreed refund, repair, or replacement.
  • It's important you package items securely before they're sent. Poorly packaged items are likely to be lost or damaged in transit.
  • The item remains in your care until we receive it. We aren't responsible for items lost or damaged in transit nor for any costs that result from loss or damage. We recommend insuring items of high value.
  • Don't send back hazardous items like toilets or mouldy tents. Speak to our staff so we can find an alternative way to solve the problem. If you return a hazardous item, we may destroy it and refuse to offer a refund, replacement, or repair.
  • We receive a lot of parcels every day. So, make sure to include something in yours that allows us to identify it as your return. This could be a copy of the receipt or even a handwritten note with your name and postcode.
  • We aren't responsible for any incidental expenses you incur whilst returning the item. This includes but is not limited to lost working hours, printing, packaging, transport, and any other costs.
  • We aim to process returns as quickly as possible.

Responsibility for arranging the return of goods

  • We'll arrange the return if:
    • Your goods are defective. 
    • You believe your goods are defective, but we aren't sure. We'll inspect the goods or send them to the manufacturer for inspection. 
    • You cancelled the order but received the goods anyway.
  • In all other circumstances you will be responsible for arranging any agreed return.
  • If we're arranging the return:
    • We will pay the cost of the returns label and provide you with all the information you need to get your goods back to us. Please note we’re only obliged to bear the costs of a return from the address they were originally sent to. We may arrange a return from a different address if you prefer. But won’t be responsible for any difference in cost.
    • You can use your own courier if you prefer but unfortunately, we won't be able to reimburse you for this. 
    • If we later find your goods aren't defective we'll treat the issue as a cancellation if eligible. Please see the "Right to Cancel" section of this policy. If your order is not eligible for cancellation then you will need to collect or abandon the goods. If you don't collect your goods within 60 days of being notified we'll consider them abandoned. We may destroy or resell abandoned goods.
    • You may be required to print a shipping label or other documents
    • You may need to supply us with the parcel's weight and dimensions so we can select the right service
  • We may arrange either a Collection or Drop-off service. We'll bear your preference in mind but the choice of service remains at our discretion.
    • "Collection" means a courier will collect the item from your address on an agreed working day. Couriers can't collect unattended items so you'll need to hand the item over to them. Unfortunately, we can't normally arrange a specific collection time. So you will need to make sure you're at the collection address all day on the collection date. If the collection fails we will need to pay for a further collection. If this happens because of an action on your part you will need to reimburse us for this.
    • "Drop-off" means the courier will collect the goods from a local shop or other location. You'll be responsible for taking the goods to the location and depositing them with a member of staff. You may deposit the item at any convenient time during the location's opening hours. The courier will collect your item once you've deposited it.


In the event of a dispute

  • In some cases, we may offer a "goodwill gesture" resolution at our discretion. This might be store credit, a full or partial refund, replacement, repair, alternative item, or any other solution. If what we're offering is a goodwill gesture, we'll make that clear. You're under no obligation to accept a goodwill gesture and we may withdraw it at any time before you accept it. By offering a goodwill gesture we are not admitting liability or fault. By accepting a goodwill gesture, you agree to discontinue any and all claims against us.
  • For further information on your Consumer Rights or if your unhappy with our proposed solution, contact:
    • Citizens Advice 
    • Staffordshire Trading Standards
  • Our team is here to help, please treat them with respect whilst they do their job. If you don’t we may restrict the ways in which you can communicate with us. It’s our policy to:
    • Immediately disconnect any calls that become abusive.
    • Block numbers that make abusive calls
    • Ban abusive persons from visiting our premises.
  • If you launch or threaten to launch legal action, then we may decide only to communicate with you in writing.