FAQ: Kampa Dometic Replacement Air Poles

Thank you for your interest in Replacement Air Poles for Tents & Awnings from Tamworth Camping. Our industry leading service features a wide range of official replacement parts from key brands - all shipped quickly and with full installation instructions.


What do I get if I buy a replacement part from you?

All our parts have come direct from Kampa Dometic and were produced in the same factory as your awning. The part will be exactly the same as the one which came with your awning. Bladders include all piping and valves physically attached to the bladder.


How do I find the right replacement air pole?

To find the right pole you will need to have the following information to hand:

Your awning model name
eg: Ace, Rally, Rally Plus Motor Rally, Frontier, Classic

Your awning size
eg: 200, 260, 390, 390 L/H, 500

Your roof type
Sloped Roof or Dual Pitch Roof (plz see below)

Once you have this information, click here to view our full range. You can use the menu at the side of the screen to filter the results to show only awning's with your model name. 

Once you find the right awning, you will need to select the correct part from the drop down menus.

You will need to be able to identify the pole that needs replacing from a diagram on the awning page.
In the diagrams, the awning is as it appears if you were standing outside, looking directly at the awning.

Whether you need a bladder or a sleeve.
The bladder is the plastic bag which holds the air, the sleeve contains the bladder.

The best way to be sure of the above is to get your awning out and check it. If you are unable to do this, you could also check photographs from your holidays



Do not attempt to order from us unless you are confident of all the above information. Rely only on the method above for identifying the right part. Do not try to rely on part codes, including those attached to your existing bladder/sleeve. Some codes are not unique and refer to more than one size of bladder or sleeve.

Only order a part if our website says it will fit your awning. Parts only fit the awning they are advertised to fit and are not compatible with any other awning, no matter how similar it may appear in design.

Unfortunately our team are not able tell you which part will work with your awning or sell parts over the phone. It is very difficult to ascertain which part is required without having the awning in front of you. This is because there is a large number of very similar parts and awnings in circulation which are not compatible with one another. 


Out of stock items

We are aware that due to high demand a number of parts are now not available on our website. Unfortunately we are not able to confirm when or if we will get these items back into stock. If the part you need is out of stock, please contact Dometic Customer Services.



Please see our returns policy.