Mudbuster Alloy Cleaner 1L



Alloy Wheel Cleaner

MudBuster Alloy Wheel Cleaner is a unique cleaning solution with an all natural formulation. Alloy cleaner easily powers through the toughest of dirt and stains and breaks down break dust without the use of caustics or acids which can damage your alloy finish.

MudBuster Alloy Cleaner is also effective in cleaning paintwork and even car interiors such as plastics, upholstery, roof cloths and even leather. Effective in removing insects from paintwork by spraying and allowing to settle for 10-20 seconds before wiping clean with a damp cloth, leaving a pristine shining surface.

For specialist alloys, i.e. highly polished finishes and custom paint effects it is recommended that a small area is tested before a full clean is carried out.


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