Kontrol Moisture Muncher 500g



Kontrol Moisture Muncher 500g

The Moisture Muncher has been designed to absorb moisture out of the atmosphere and can be simply recharged in your microwave. It is ideal size to sit on your window sill, use in food cupboards, wardrobes or storage boxes. Working day & night and REUSABLE it is very cost effective solution to damp & condensation. Simply hang or place the moisture muncher where you need to and it starts working straight away. Once moisture muncher beads change colour from orange to clear/white. Recharge in the microwave for 4 minutes, then moisture muncher is ready to be used again.

Features Simple and Easy to Use. Reusable. Combats Damp Helps Stop Condensation, Mildew and Musty Odours. Removes Moisture. Tiny Footprint. Can be Hung Up. Fits Anywhere. Battery Free. Works Day and Night

Materials and Dimensions Size: 500g.


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