Elsan Blue Fluid 4LT



4L Elsan Blue Fluid

It is essential that a toilet fluid should kill harmful bacteria and germs to prevent them from multiplying. Elsan Blue s powerful anti-bacterial formula kills them on contact whilst eliminating unpleasant odours. Elsan Blue and Double Blue are the only fluids you can buy that exceed British Standards. That's why Elsan toilet fluids are chosen by caravanners, and boating and camping enthusiasts alike. This Elsan camping toilet fluid is recommended for all users of portable, cassette and pump-out toilet systems in boats, caravans and motorhomes. It is pleasantly perfumed, and ensures safe and hygenic treatment.


Anti-Bacterial Elimnates Unpleasant Odours Exceeds British Standards Proven Performance Trusted Brand Fragranced Non-staining Suitable for all chemical toilets and cassettes

Materials and Dimensions

Volume: 4L

Additional Information

Suitable for all cassette, portable & chemical toilets, camping, caravan, motorhome & marine applications. Elsan is not only a household name for caravanners, campers and mariners; it is also used by global firms such as Eurostar, Virgin Atlantic, SNCF and British Airways. All of these conduct exhaustive reasearch and tests on the products they use to ensure their passengers safety. Elsan toilet fluids have also been trusted by global organisations such as The United Nations, the Red Cross, the Boy Scouts and the Girl Guides."


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