Elsan 2L Grey waste tank Freshener



Elsan 2Lt Grey waste tank Freshener
Eliminates odours and Dissolves Grease. Add a little Elsan Tank Fresh to your water drains to get rid of stale odours. But Tank Fresh doesn't just mask smells from your sinks, showers and drains, it eliminates them completely from your grey water system.
Used regularly, Tank Fresh also dissolves grease build-up to help keep everything clean, fresh and free flowing. Once you've tried it, you'll never put up with bad odours from your grey water system again.

Eliminates Odours.
Dissolves Grease.

Materials and Dimensions
Volume: 2L

Additional Information
Suitable for all cassette, portable & chemical toilets, camping, caravan, motorhome & marine applications.
Elsan is not only a household name for caravanners, campers and mariners; it is also used by global firms such as Eurostar, Virgin Atlantic, SNCF and British Airways. All of these conduct exhaustive reasearch and tests on the products they use to ensure their passengers safety.
Elsan toilet fluids have also been trusted by global organisations such as The United Nations, the Red Cross, the Boy Scouts and the Girl Guides.


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