Installing your Kampa Dometic Replacement Air Pole

Tamworth Camping are an official stockist for replacement air beam parts for Kampa and Dometic Awnings. All parts are purpose-built to fit your awning and come straight from the manufacturer. We understand that these parts are essential to the enjoyment of your holiday - that's why our fulfillment team prioritise these orders, ensuring they are dispatched within one to two working days of your order being placed.

Important - Awning Care and UV Damage

Whilst you're here, we thought the following info on awning care would be useful:

All Kampa & Dometic Awnings have a PU Coating. The PU coating is what keeps your awning waterproof and also provides a layer of protection from the elements. After considerable use the UV rays found naturally in sunlight can degrade the PU Coating. In severe cases, the coating degrades entirely - weakening the material and making your awning vulnerable to leaking. Severely UV Damaged awnings may need to be replaced entirely.

Symptoms of UV Degradation are:

  • Plastic parts (eg the tubes connecting the air poles) start to degrade.
  • Any coloured panels start to fade and white panels may discolour.
  • Awning material feels 'crispy' to the touch.

The following awnings are at greater risk: 

  • Awnings which have been used considerably or are a few years old.
  • Awnings which have been used during the Summer in hotter countries with higher UV levels (eg Spain, Portugal, Italy, South of France)
  • Awnings which have never been reproofed.

Luckily you can prevent UV Damage by regularly reproofing your awning. You can do this by using a product like Fabsil or Kampa's Hydrophobic Spray. If you keep the awning regularly topped up (and particularly if you do so before damage occurs) you can improve its lifespan. For more information click here.

Finding your replacement part

Our website makes it easy to find the part you need. Before you start you will need to know your awning style, size and roof type - as well as the location of the pole you need to replace.

To avoid disappointment please carefully check that the awning and pole described in the listing matches your awning before placing an order. Click to Find Your Part

Installing your replacement part

Installing a replacement air beam for your Kampa or Dometic Awning couldn't be simpler! Please see below information, video guide and printable instructions to help you:

General Tips

  • We would recommend that both bladder and sleeve are placed on a firm, flat and solid surface.
  • Please be aware that the bladder may be slightly longer than the sleeve, this is normal, you will notice that there is black elasticated strap at the far end of the sleeve. Tuck any excess bladder around this strap, once only and allow it to lie flat before zipping up.
  • With regards to the inflation valve area, the tolerance between the fitting and the diameter of the sleeve is very small, this is to minimise the risk of the bladder twisting.
  • To aid lubrication you can use a little washing up liquid, dry this off before fitting back on to the awning.

Printable Instructions



If poles do not appear to be sitting correctly, they may require adjustment. Please see the video below:


Remember - do not inflate bladders outside of sleeves

Please note that that the transparent inner tubes which contain the air (Bladders) must be zipped inside the protective sleeve before inflation. If the bladders are inflated outside of the protective sleeve or if the protective sleeve is defective the bladders may overinflate and burst. If you are in any doubt about the condition of your protective sleeve we reccomend ordering a new one alongside your new bladder. 


We are of course happy to accept returns which meet our returns policy. Please contact us at, for more information, quoting your last name and delivery postcode or order ID.

Please note items returned because of a change of mind or because of a mistake made when ordering must be returned in their original condition and packaging. Items not returned in their original condition may not receive a full refund.