Prepare your Caravan for Winter


1. Storage

Most of us don't have space to store our caravan at home so take your time to check out a few storage locations. You'll probably want somewhere that's local to your home so that you can visit from time to time over the winter. Most importantly, you should be happy with the site's security. Check out CaSSOA Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association

2. Position

Avoid leaving it under trees where leaves, sap and falling branches can do damage

3. Windows

Check for deterioration of rubber window seals and any broken catches

4. Gas

Do not leave your gas bottle in the caravan during storage. Store in a cool, well ventilated place.

5. Towing Electrics

Inspect and clean the towing 13-pin electrical socket, and coat it with a water inhibiting product such as Vaseline.

6. Water Filters

Remove water filters to prevent any water held in them freezing and potentially damaging the unit.

7. Water System

Open all the taps in the caravan, including the shower control. If you have a lever tap, ensure it’s mid-way between hot and cold. Open the caravan’s drain taps. Put sink and shower plugs in. A Floe system will flush out that last drop of water. Floe Drainage System

8. Tyres and Steadies

Check your tyres for tread depth and signs of wear. Position your caravan on level ground, then lower the corner steadies and rest them on blocks or pads. Chock the wheels. Leave the handbrake off if it’s to be in storage for a length of time. Visit the caravan throughout the winter months and turn the wheels to avoid the risk of flat spots on your tyres.

9. Security

Remove all valuables such as TVs and radios. It's a good idea to fit a visible security device to deter thieves. If you’re storing it at home on your driveway you may consider a security post.

10. Awning

Spread out and clean your awning in a dry area. Try removing stains and spots with the appropriate cleaning product. Ensure it is thoroughly dry before storing. Store it in a clean, dry place.

11. Battery

Unless it’s connected to a caravan alarm system, remove the 12V battery and store it in a cool, dry place. Check it regularly, and top up its charge levels when necessary. Also remove all batteries from clocks, smoke alarms etc.

12. Blinds

Make sure all the blinds and flyscreens are fully retracted to avoid damage to the springs

13. Ventilation

Leave vents uncovered so air can circulate inside the caravan. Moisture traps will prevent your caravan developing damp and smelling musty. Empty or recharge them occasionally over the winter. Moisture Traps

14. Toilet

Empty and flush through your toilet waste tank and apply a little bit of olive oil to the opening blades, then leave them in the open position.

15. Fridge

Empty the fridge, clean it out with a solution of bicarbonate of soda or fridge cleaning wipes and leave the door open to allow air to circulate.

16. Heating

Drain down your caravan’s water heater – read the instructions for how to do this for your particular model’s system.

17. Soft Furnishings and Bedding

Remove soft furnishings and store them in a dry place over the winter to keep them fresh.

18. Bodywork

Check the bodywork for damage. Clean the exterior including doors and windows. Check out our wide range of cleaning materials for various cleaning tasks. Cleaning Products

19. Interior

Finally, give the caravan interior a thorough clean before shutting it up and protecting it with a breathable cover.

20. Caravan Cover

A protective caravan cover is a great idea as you've spent all that time cleaning and securing your precious caravan. Use one that's made of breathable material to prevent condensation and mould growing underneath it. See our range of top quality covers: Breathable Caravan Covers

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  • Sue Adderley