How to Choose a Good Spot to Camp


So you've arrived at last! Hooray! Pile out of the car and get camp set up as soon as possible...Hang on! Just slow down and give it some thought first - you may be about to make a mistake you'll regret later!

1.  Look at the ground. If there’s a soft, hollow spot, that’s where a puddle used to be. Don't put your tent where water settles.

2. Use shade to your advantage. Use a cliff face or trees to cool your site in the afternoon. Ideally, position your tent where morning sun will warm you up.

3. Before starting to pitch your tent, inspect the site and poke a few tent pegs into the ground. You don't want to discover a patch where you can't get pegs in when you're already halfway through.

4. Nasty bugs buzzing around? Seek a clearing. To find a breezier point, walk farther uphill.

5. Always dry out your tent when you get home. (Hanging it upside down from a garage door or the washing line is good). Even if the camping was dry, condensation can make your tent fusty and musty! This is a good idea for sleeping bags too.

6. If anything got broken or grimy during the trip, fix it as soon as you’re home. It's tempting just to forget it as you're so busy with unpacking, getting the kids' tea, preparing for work tomorrow etc but you won't want to discover it on your next trip!

7. Once your tent is dry, store it loosely in a large plastic bin or cardboard box. It's best kept out of the light as UV rays will fade it. Do the same with your sleeping bag.

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  • Sue Adderley