Already looking ahead to the 2015 Season


You might think we're taking it easy now the 'busy' season is over but you'd be mistaken. No putting our feet up at Tamworth Camping over the winter! Were busy talking to all of our fantastic suppliers, searching for exciting new products that you are going to love next season. We can't wait to share our finds with you so keep checking in at - they'll all be appearing on our website over the next couple of months.

Just for our loyal blog readers though, here is an exclusive sneak preview of some of the great stuff we will be stocking next year! Vango have developed a range of superb new Airbeam tents - the Capri and the Illusion are quick and easy to put up and really spacious - just the ticket for when you arrive onsite with an excited family in the back of the car!

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  • Sue Adderley