Quest Flame Effect Ceramic heater



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Quest Flame Effect Ceramic Heater

High quality flame effect ceramic heater. This ceramic heater features an excellent coal fire flame effect when switched on. The flame effect can be used on any of the three settings. The heater has two individual heat panels and a high quality PTC heating element allowing for three different settings: 1. Fan Only: This can be used as a fan only to help circulate air in the surrounding area. 2. Heat Setting 1: This is a half power (750w) setting and gives out half the heat, utilising only one of the heating panels. 3. Heat Setting 2: This is a full power (1500W) setting and gives the maximum amount of heat ouput. It features a safety cut out protection to avoid overheating and a tip over switch so if the heater does fall over it cuts out. Lightweight with a built in handle means this heater is not only nice to look at, but also incredibly easy to carry and store.


Low Wattage. Coal Fire Flame Effect. Two Individual Heating Panels. High Quality PTC Heating Element Three Different Heater Settings. Can be Used as a Fan. Over Heat Protection. Tip Over Cut Out Switch. Integrated Carry Handle.

Materials and Dimensions

Heater Type: Ceramic Panels. Voltage: 220-240V at 50Hz Power Usage: 750 or 1500 W Size: 28 x 38 x 16 cm. Weight: 2.3 kg.


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