Aqua Sol 300ml Bottle Water Purification Treatment



Aqua Sol 

This is an advanced dual purpose water purifying solution which kills harmful oramism and eradicates foul tastes and odours, keeping stored water fresh and pure for a longer period of time.

Aqua Sol also destroys pathogenic bacteria, viruses spores, algae, biofilm and cysts. Use to eliminate foul tastes and odours while keeping your water free from contamination.

How To Use Aqua Sol:

  • For disinfect and deodorise stored water add 1 capful (10ml) to every 25 litres of water when filling tanks or water containers.
  • To deodorise new tanks or containers add 3 capsful (30ml) to every 25 litres of water. Soak for 12 hours. Empty and rinse with fresh clean water.
  • For washing salads, fruits and vegetables add 1/2 capful (5ml) to 2 litres of water and soak for 5 minutes. Rinse with flresh clean water.

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