OLPro SMD Light Bar Power Cable



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The Power Cable is an essential product for OLPRO Light Bars. It simply plugs into the end of any OLPRO Light Bar allowing you to connect a power source to it and so powering the Light Bar.

The OLPRO SMD Power Cable is a simple cable with plug at one side to connect to an OLPRO SMD Light Bar and at the other end a socket for inserting one of the following:

OL444 - Plug (230v)

OL445 - Crocodile Clips

OL446 - Cigar Lighter Plug

OL448 - Battery Pack (Rechargeable with 3-4 hours life)

Can also be used to hardware the OLPRO SMD lightbar to a 12v power couse by clipping the end of the power cable and hard wiring the two bell wires, if needed.

If you have any further questions on the OLPRO SMD light bar call us on 01299 896959 or email us at sales@olpro.co.uk


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