OLPro Fresh & Clear - Caravan Drain & Fresh Water Pipe Cleaner - 2L



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Fresh & Clear from OLPRO is a fantastic all in one drain and pipe cleaner for Caravans, Motorhomes and Boats.

It removes limescale,unpleasant tastes from waterpipes and cleans pumps. Using Fresh & Clear leaves pipes and heaters clean and freshens them up.

If your caravan or motorhome as been standing for a while then run FRESH & CLEAR through your pipes to clear of any bacteria.

Perfect for use on clogged up pumps, standing water in pipes, smelly fresh water pipes, and heaters.

As well as clearing through the pipes and drains in your caravan or motorhome this 2 litre bottle will leave them smelling fresh.

Full Directions on bottle but compact formula means only using a little each time.

If you ve tried everything else then order now and you will not be disappointed.

Fully Biodegradeable.


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