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There are many times throughout the year when you will have excess moisture in and around your vehicle. This can cause your windows to fog up or even allow mould, mildew, mustiness and rust to form. However, with this range of dehumidifiers from Thomar you will have the ideal solution to prevent this from happening. The Air dry twin pack of dehumidifiers has been designed for use in vehicles. It has been designed to absorb the moisture from the air using the activated pellets inside the bag. The pack consists of 2 bags which are divided into 3 sections of 300g each that can be cut and separated. This allows you to use one of the 300g sections whilst the other is being regenerated. Each dehumidifier can be reactivated by placing on top of a radiator and dried over several days. Based in Hamburg, Thomar is a manufacturer of a number of dehumidifier products. Thomar is the leader in a number of markets selling in excess of 100,000 units per annum into 6 European Countries. Box Contains 1 x ThoMar Air Dry Twin Pack - Re-usable Car Dehumidifier Product Description Natural storage granules that do not break down, full biodegradable Ideal for home and cars Twin sacks have a non porus back, to protect dashboards and the sacks are made from three segments, which can be cut if required Helps to clear fogged windows Re-usable time and time again, does not break down. Simply dry on a radiator or airing cupboard Climate regulating effect


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